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Music IN ONE GO! - Top 10 Forgotten Nu Metal Records

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For those who didn't know, Nu metal is a sub-genre of metal which fuses a lot of music elements you wouldn't imagine would mesh well with metal, which includes; hip-hop, electronic, funk etc. 

Believe it or not, Nu metal has a large impact on metal/rock music until today, encouraging metal/rock acts to experiment with their sound and to not be afraid of thinking outside the box. This genre was so big in the late-90's artist from this genre are still active as of today. 

But, despite of it's everlasting influences, Nu metal just ended being irrelevant by today's musical standards. Forcing bands of this genre to either abandon their Nu metal image altogether and go full on metal or experiment in the fields of alternative rock. 

As the first episode of Music IN ONE GO!, I have gathered 10 Nu metal records that some of us used to loved and have forgotten as time goes by. My basis for this list are simple:
  1. These records must have failed to succeed at any charts, but has gained attention from the underground scene.
  2. These records are completely unnoticed by the time of its release, but has gained attention after the band has achieved success with succeeding records. 
  3. These record have succeeded on the charts and have very popular singles, but has completely vanished from the radar, along with the band themselves, as time goes by. 
Keep in mind that this is not an exhausted list. There are many more forgotten Nu metal records out there that might not have made it to this specific list. I have gathered the ones that I am familiar with. 

Time to wash those baggy clothes and wear them again, spike up your haird dye them with color and wear all your piercings 'cause here are...

Top 10 Forgotten Nu Metal Records

1. Tribal Ink, Surrounded By Freaks (2003)

If you're one of those people who pirated Linkin Park's single What I've Done, you've probably heard of this band, or more specifically their song Refugee. Taken from the album Surrounded By Freaks, this Swedish rock band has completely shown great potential of showcasing edginess to their more alternative driven Nu metal record. It's no doubt a fan mislabeled their song to those of Linkin Park's, Tribal Ink has seriously picked up what Linkin Park has left off from Meteora.

2. Crazy Town, Darkhorse (2002)

Let's be honest, no matter how bad the song is, we all used to love Crazy Town's mega-hit single Butterfly. But it looks like the band themselves hated that record as well, and their follow-up Darkhorse is case-in-point. Featuring heavier and much more aggressive sounds, Shifty and the crew has proved that they are much better than the Red Hot Chilli Peppers rip-off band they used to be. Sadly, seems like almost everyone gave up on them before they could prove they're worth the time. 

3. Hed PE, Blackout (2003)

In case you didn't know, PE stands for Planet Earth. Hed stands for something that I honestly don't know and probably never will. Regardless of their confusing name, this band has achieved moderate success at the billboard charts with this record and has been touring with acts like Korn and System Of A Down. To me, that's a lifetime achievement. 

4. Static X, Wisconsin Death Trip (2003)

If you have trouble listening to Ariana Grande's sweet, but non-audible voice, wait until you hear this guy. Wayne Static and  company debuted their Industrial-inspired Nu metal record Wisconsin Death Trip. Imagine flashing neon lights on an underground pub with a pretty hot mosh pit, this is probably the record you should give to the DJ. Now enjoy dancing to the song and try to sing every single word this guy's saying. 

5. Thousand Foot Krutch, Set It Off (2001)

You know there has to be at least one Christian metal act on this list and Thousand Foot Krutch definitely deserves that spot. After all that hard work Trevor McNevan had to go through, his efforts finally pay-off with their first indie label record Set It Off. With a little help from his friends, T-Rawk has gained success locally with this hip-hop inspired nu metal record and has gained even more attention after the success of their follow-up Phenomenon. 

6. Incubus, Enjoy Incubus EP (1997)

Before vocalist Brandon Boyd looked like a slimmer, sexier version of Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty with a beard, he used to look like a cave man with dreadlocks and he smells a lot like a crack head. This EP serves as the band's first major label release which features remastered versions of songs from their first record Fungus Amongus made to sound a bit closer to the Nu metal sound we're all familiar with S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Don't worry, the lyrics haven't changed, they still love cocaine. 

7. Helmet, Meantime (1992)

The oldest record of this list, this record takes us back to the early years of creating Nu metal. Sure the band themselves hated to be classified as Nu metal, it's completely understandable. The record itself sounded more alternative than Nu metal. But if Nu metal acts praises this band and consider them as heroic inspirations, even going as far as featuring vocalist Paige Hamilton on Linkin Park's latest release The Hunting Party, the deserve a spot on this list.

8. Mushroomhead, XX (2001)

This list can never go on without a Slipknot-knock off band, or it was actually Slipknot who is the rip-off. Doesn't really matter, they're both cool with each other now. But no offense, they both sound the same, at least just a tad bit different. If Slipknot went more industrial, it's the Mushroomhead, if the Mushroomhead went with a more Nu metal sound, it's Slipknot. Don't get me wrong, they both sound really good in what they do and I'm happy that both have been very essential and even friendly to one another nowadays. If only the fans could stop this war like what the band members themselves had. 

9. Alien Ant Farm, Anthology (2001)

The most family friendly record of this list, this Cali based rock band has hit the airwaves and has gained success on the charts with their pop rock inspired Nu metal debut album Anthology. I personally used to be very dismissive about this band, seeing them nothing but a cash cow on the Nu metal scene by just making a Nu metal version of Micheal Jackson's Smooth Criminal as their first single. Perhaps I was a bit unfair, even their follow-up single Movies proves that they can establish an image of their own. 

10. Evanescence, Fallen (2003)

Easily the most successful record of this list. We're talking about chart topping singles, Top 5 at the Billboard charts. Singles played everywhere 24/7, dozens and dozens of covers from radio, YouTube to American Idol. We're talking about Grammy nominations on top of Grammy nominations and Grammy awards on top of Grammy awards. Some might argue they are the pop version of Lacuna Coil, but these people are thinking way too much. Amy Lee and her friends have successfully injected Girl-power to the Nu metal industry and by doing so have gained massive success throughout the entire world. After that, it was just a spiral downward journey for the band as the hype goes colder and colder each record. Where are they now? That's the point, three albums in and PUFF! They just disappeared. And that is why they deserve a spot on this list. 

Special Mention:Drowning Pool, Sinner (2001)
Puddle Of Mudd, Come Clean (2001)
Sevendust, Animosity (2001)

Now that was a long editorial. After going through all this genre binding music, maybe listening to Babymetal ain't such a bad idea..

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