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Guardians Of The Galaxy MOVIE REVIEW

Marvel with ADHD... in Space!

(No disrespect to people with ADHD)

Isn't it refreshing to see a Marvel movie that deviates from it's famous franchises like The Avengers, Spider-Man and X-Men? Guardians Of The Galaxy is Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures' attempt to introduce the Marvel Cosmic Universe in a whole new different perspective in the silver screen.

Let me get this one down first. if you're going to the theater thinking that you're going to see the Citizen Kane of Marvel in space? Get out of the theater. But if you happened to enjoy sci-fi movies like JJ Abrams' Star Trek movies or you're expecting something better that is as good but not as epic as Star Wars, you can stay. 

The best way I could describe Guardians Of The Galaxy is like going to your high school field trip. like your history teacher arranged a field trip to the museum that will give you that sensational feeling of visiting historical places that is very essential to the world that you live in. But you would most likely won't remember any of them. Instead, you will hang out with the cool kids on your bus who makes the most fun out of the experience by taking selfies, reliving old stories and old jokes and just clowning around. And when your history teacher gives an exam that is based from your field trip, your best chances of getting a passable score is that essay you have to write about your unforgettable experience with your classmates on the field trip. Which was hanging out with the cool kids who made the most fun out of the trip, taking selfies and reliving old stories and old jokes. 

Let's start off with the cool kids, the Guardians. The focus is mainly on Peter Quill/Star Lord, played by Chris Pratt. Chris is perfect as Star Lord, his attitude and his energy really is the strongest foundation of the group. The other Guardians did have characters of themselves as well and the film did a great job of giving each time to shine on showcasing the skills, talent and chemistry towards each other. Some have back stories that somehow did warmed your heart, others you just don't seem to care. Probably because of the established humor, but will get into that more later. 

The villains in this movie did a great job of demonstrating their overwhelming power, especially Ronan the Accuser, played by Lee Pace. It's just that most them just seem to be there without any solid purpose. So we need a powerful villain, here's who. We need someone to counter Gamora, here's Nebula. Why them? because this and that, why this and that? Well I don't know. Die-hard fans may know, but regular viewers could care less. 

About that field trip, yeah you wouldn't probably care much about that field trip. Even if die-hard fans have cogs inside their brain spinning like crazy when the characters visit places here and their and even with the Easter eggs, regular views might find themselves isolated because even with an explanation they would still want to know most of the answers, it's just that they won't get it here. In the sequels, probably. Theirs a big universe out their, but even the story didn't feel obligated to even just get most of the tip of the ice bergs, making it sort of paper thin. Without the Guardians and some of the other characters, the movie could have been easily boring and forgettable.

But what made this movie totally worth it is the action pieces. They are just epic, amazing and they look great on IMAX 3D. If Star Wars VII can't live up to that then they are in big trouble. Also the humor is surprisingly really good, I didn't have to set my brains to stun like in Iron Man 3 so I could consume the humor. They are calculated, but they do pay-off big time.

The biggest compliment I can give this movie is getting the tone right, which is this film is a fun roller coaster ride. The soundtrack did helped a lot of getting the timbre flowing smoothly. But it bugs me when people at my theater laugh at those scenes where they shouldn't laugh, I don't know if it's my problem or just theirs.

I can say, out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, this was the one I had MOST fun time with. They are sincere with the grit, the humor is calculated, but like the action when it all goes down they pay-off big time. Even if the film alienate non-die hard fans, they still would enjoy this film a lot. This film wouldn't be as fun without the Guardians and no other Marvel cosmic characters can make this experience as entertaining and lively as Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The chemistry of the Guardians
When they kick ass
Great humor
Epic action
The Guardians.. (again, I know, they are)

Big universe crammed in just one movie
Too many unanswered questions
Lack of dramatic touch

Score: B+

Guardians Of The Galaxy now in theaters.

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