Saturday, May 30, 2015


Feels like forever since the last time I've done this. 

The past few months had quite a bunch of good movies to offer. but for this month, I took a week off for a full experience of rejuvenation, amusement and recreation. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I went on a vacation which limits me to only seeing two movies this month. This month I have decided to see the craziest and wildest this month has to offer; Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2.

Since I have seen both movies together at the same day and I didn't had the time to write separate reviews for each film, now would feel like the best time to unfairly compare this two movies and decide which one I liked the most. 

So going into the theaters, these are the two recommended must-see movies at my local theater. If you were a guy like me who wants to see stuff blow up, punches thrown solid and guts spilled over and you just saw these two trailers below:

If you were in my shoes, which movie you'd go see first? 

If you truly understand me, you know I went to see Fury Raod first, so let's talk about. 

At this point of time, remember that I have only seen the first Mad Max starring Mel Gibson. I was supposed to binge watch all three movies, but I didn't had the time. So hours before I go to the airport, I took this time as an opportunity to just dive in to the latest installment, leaving me slightly unprepared for the things I am about to see or feel and man... it felt great. 

The experience felt like director George Miller schooling the cast and crew of the recent Fast and Furious movies on how to make absurd, intense, electrifying without the exhausting too-much feel action set pieces. 

This film looks massive, the way that it is shot is just too glorious and too gorgeous you can see how big the scope of this thing is. The best part about it is that most of the action sequences used practical effects like the first three movies. Of course some parts were enhanced by CGI, but you'll just have that feeling in your gut that someone must have died doing this stunts and crazy stuff (which thankfully none, by the way). And no crappy shaky cams, which makes the experience even better.

The cast was great as well. Tom Hardy did a good job being Max. He wasn't trying to replicate what Mel Gibson did, but he did a fine job making this character his own. But you can definitely tell he was side tracked by a far superior supporting character, Furiosa played by Charlize Theron. 

I have very little complains about this movie, but the things I see that could turn off a first time viewer is that of the lack of dialogue in this film. The film is one big epic car-chase scene with a few brakes here and there so there's very little time for character exploration, but they surely made the most out of it. Another one is the mere fact that this movie is simply mad. So if the things you saw in the trailer are just not your thing, you'll probably won't like Fury Road. Again, this are not negatives, just the things I thought some people would not like. 

So after watching Fury Road, I set my sights on the Barden Bellas for some hardcore aca-show and I guess it was, aca-alright (?)

Short story first, I loved the songs in the first Pitch Perfect movie, but I thought the was okay, if not, boring. So going in to this one, I had a small hope inside my heart that maybe just maybe some improvements would be made.

First off, the performances, the aca-numbers are aca-exceptional. They were grand, epic and perhaps even more than those of the first movie. The movie was shot by not-so-first-time director Elizabeth Banks who is also in this movie, so you can the fiery coals in her craft that she is giving her all, all of her strength and energy are reflecting throughout this film. 

The characters are still pretty one-dimensional, but the actors (or actresses for this case) did a great job owning it. Anna Kendrick kills it as Beca, Rebel Wilson playing Fat Amy felt easy and so are the rest. There are a few side characters that stood out though. 

The entire movie is about the Barden Bellas getting their groove back after a few hiccups along the way, so we spend most of the first act of the film seeing it as a homage to the first film and that just felt redundant. Then even went to some absurd situations you question the motive behind it. Well the motive is clear, but still, why go to a boot camp? It's the journey of when they're finally getting their groove back when the film got interesting. The ending wasn't as grand as you want it to be though. 

So what do these two movies have in common? energy. High energy is what makes these two movies stand out among the rest of what this month has to offer. But i'm guessing you already figured out which movie I liked better. 

Pitch Perfect 2 was good, but felt it was child's play compared to Mad Max: Fury Road. 


Mad Max: Fury Road - A+

Pitch Perfect 2 - B-

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