Monday, June 15, 2015

Jurassic World MOVIE REVIEW

Before I start my review, let me share this little story I had. 

This was the first time I went to Universal Studios Singapore, Transformers and The Mummy had my heart pounding mad, but not one of them made me shiver in joy and feel the nostalgia as I enter The Lost World: Jurassic Park section. That scene in this film were the boy is running around in excitement throughout the park in the beginning of the film and with the classic John Williams' score playing, that was me in The Lost World section in Universal Studios and I had the same nostalgic feel watching that sequence. That's how BIG the Jurassic movies had influenced me.

Some of the critics says that scene was a bit anti-climatic, but I don't care, it worked on me like BIG TIME. 

Jurassic World seemed to have divided critics , but the movie undeniably reinvigorated the fans and moviegoers' interest to the franchise. I can babble all day how the movie felt short in some departments, but I'd rather discuss first why this movie's awesome in all the right places. 

Let's be honest, the real reason you go to see a Jurassic movie is to see dinosaurs. Dinosaurs in action, dinosaurs eat dinosaurs, dinosaurs eat people, vegie-dinosaurs or however Lex (the little girl from the first film) calls them. Here in Jurassic World, you get ALL of them. From the half of the second act all the way to third act is just non-stop dino/monster mayhem that just escalates as the film progresses. 

The human characters are split, but they all have something in common. They're all cartoon characters, some are good and some are.. eh. Good thing is they got excellent actors to portray such characters. Despite the cheesy dialogues, it looks like they were having fun so I guess it's cool. 

The CGI in this movie is spectacular. We live in an age were people and movie goers are used to seeing CGI, but this is the first time this year I'm hearing people cheering in awe or screaming in terror over a bunch of CG dinosaurs. Sure the film's too reliant on it you'll kinda miss the practical effects from the previous films, but there's still some of that here too. 

The film tried to tackle as many story plots as it could, some are excellent and some just felt flat. Sure most of them are tropes, but the good ones actually hits the mark and the not-so good ones just felt generic. 

The thing is, though, with all the crazy stuff happening, you just don't care if some of things in this movie ain't that good. You're too busy geeking out on all the callbacks from the previous film, you just don't care if some of the things happening in the film are absurd or even stupid. And that soundtrack..

Despite lacking in some places, Jurassic World is undeniably a true engaging summer blockbuster flick and dare I say it, THIS IS THE BEST JURASSIC PARK SEQUEL. Screw what the critics and the nay-sayers say, this movie made my inner 8 year-old self happy and that's good enough for me. Trust, you're going to have a LOT of fun with this movie. 

DINOSAURS!!! (Clever girls)
That Monster! (the Indominus-Rex)
Them CGI
Great actors
That soundtrack

Generic archetypes and tropes

I will give Jurassic World an unbiased score, but to me that score won't matter. Jurassic World is officially my favorite 2015 movie, so far. 

Score: B 

Jurassic World now showing in theaters everywhere.

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