Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Godzilla (2014) MOVIE REVIEW


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The thing that I loved about this movie is the secrecy. Granted I didn't watch all of the trailers and the sneak peeks out there, which is why I think the surprising elements of this movie payed-off for me.

This is no doubt the biggest incarnation of the monster ever, and the most intimidating of all. We're not talking about guys in rubber suits destroying cardboard buildings. Forget the giant nuclear ugly-looking STD infected-looking Iguana that attacked New York in 1998. No, we're talking about THE CGI Beast unleashed in his fullest, that is if the movie requires him to. 

Which brings us to the bummer-part of the film, there's just NOT ENOUGH GODZILLA in this movie. A lot of teasing in these film that you're hoping to pay-off. But, you really have to wait until the last 20 minutes of the film to see what we all came for. 

The teasing just became so irritating to the part that the film sets up to this big climatic-like scene, and us, the viewers, NEVER GET TO SEE THAT SCENE. It's like teasing a baby a candy, but instead of handing the candy to the baby, the teaser ate the candy instead and continues to taunt the baby.

Granted Godzilla had more screen time in this film than in the original 1950's film, but its just wasn't enough. So Godzilla had like 15-17 minutes screen time in this 2-hour long film. Where did the moive spend its remaining tim for? The humans, of course.

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston did a great job on bringing us a phenomenal performance of the film. He is easily the best character of the movie. But, he really isn't the main star. And like Godzilla, he only had a short screen time.

Because in reality, it was his character's son who is the main star of the movie, played by Kick Ass' Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He's a fantastic actor and he really did his best to make his 2-dimensional, emotionless character a little bit relatable and realistic.

Overall, the actors of this movie did an excellent job on their performances. But there it wasn't really enough to get us fully invested with the characters they are portraying.

The film focuses more on the human element of the story and did a great job on telling THE realistic take if such events occured. And when climatic scenes finally sets foot, it does pay-off. I don't really want to go to details on what the climatic scene looks and feels like, you're just gonna have to see it yourselves. 


Godzilla offers us the bigest and meanest interpretation of the famed monster ever. But with his incredible size, is the small amount of screen time he gets. Granted, the film is a really good disaster movie with a realistic taste to it. But, be warned, this isn't the Kaiju movie you're expecting.

(+)Good Disaster movie Excellent actors/performancesGodzilla!That climatic scene

(-)Passable charactersToo much teasingShow us the fight, PLEASE!


Godzilla, in cinemas now.

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