Friday, August 8, 2014

The Vamps "Meet The Vamps" - ALBUM REVIEW

That record that makes you dance on the first tracks, makes you sleep instantly mid-way and wakes you up at the last moment.

These are my exact thoughts while listening to this record. 

Planet Earth just can't seem to enough love for these boy bands. The Vamps are a group of British young lads that all met each other on YouTube and signed a record deal to release this album, at least that's what I know. 

It's quite funny, since they sound like OneRepublic if Ryan Tedder haven't hit puberty yet. some of there songs sound like that band as well, but we'll get into those in a while. 

To be honest, it was the songs Last Night and Somebody To You that made interested into listening to this record. And to the band's credit, those are actually really good songs. these singles felt like it was the best out of all the other songs from other boy bands out there, they just obliterate the rest.  

Last Night, in my opinion, is the best song of the record, hands down. This was a song that makes me want to go out and hang out with my best buddies and have the best party in the world and simply just end the night with all of us hammered. 

Somebody To You is one of favorite out-door summer-love song of late and is one of the best recently. Espescially when they add Demi Lovato into the single mix, her powerful voice adds more magic to the song.

The experience I have listening to those two songs were simply amazing. It was fun and energetic. Sadly, most of the other songs in this record wasn't able to capture that.

Right after the first three tracts, the energy starts to die down and it kept going and going. You can't blame me if I want boy bands to be full energy with their songs, but that was not the case here. 

Listening to this album made my brain into a mash potato. Is like going to a party on a beach, dance and drink for a few minutes and just sit down and watch everything and everyone having fun from a far in your seat for the rest of the night. Unless you came there to wander, the overall experience wasn't worth it. 

With singles full of immense spirit, Meet The Vamps seems too melodramatic. But if this is the kind of sound The Vamps was after, then I guess they did a good job because to be honest this album didn't have any bad songs, just painfully slow songs and pacing. 

Track-by-track thoughts:
  1. Wild Heart - If you push your imaginations a little further, this song sounds like Counting Stars
  2. Last Night - Definitely my favorite from the record
  3. Somebody To You (ft. Demi Lovato) - I like this version better
  4. Can We Dance - Dance? No, i'll pass. 
  5. Girls On TV - Creepy lyrics for a good summer-love beat
  6. Risk It All - Case-in-point, boy-band OneRepublic
  7. Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) - Energy's dying out
  8. Another World - Seriously, this song is powerless my neighbor fell asleep right away
  9. Move My Way - I feel a little jump-y, finally
  10. Shout About It - If this keeps going, I might fall asleep
  11. High Hopes - too bad the energy wasn't that high
  12. She Was The One - Yeah, this record could use a song like this
  13. Dangerous - Yeah, I can get behind this. 
  14. Lovestruck - I swear, I've heard this song before somewhere in this very same record
  15. Smile - Well, finally it's over. At least in a good way. 

Score: B-

The Vamps' Meet The Vamps now available. 

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