Monday, June 30, 2014

Owl City- Ultraviolet EP REVIEW

What better time to write this review than night time? It's Owl City for crying out loud!

The sky is dark, the night is lovely, the stars are mesmerizing and you're all alone in front of your desktop. Let's take a few moments and listen to Adam young's infamous solo project- Owl City. Tonight, we venture with Adam's journal about the beauty in loneliness with his new 4-track EP, Ultraviolet. 

Now keep in mind that I am not an Owl City aficionado. I have not heard any of his materials before Ocean Eyes, and I have only heard a few songs from that record. I wasn't a fan of All Things Bright And Beautiful but I did like the first single, Alligator Sky. I have heard The Midsummer Station in its entire, but I feel like it's not the definitive Owl City experience. 

The EP is only composed of 4-tracks so it will be a short ride. But will it be a memorable and cherish-able one? LEt's find out as we begin our journey into Ultraviolet. 

The first track Beautiful Times (ft. Lindsey Stirling) is easily the most lyrically optimistic of the record. Sure it also has very sad elements to it like the rest of the record, but it was the composition, the relatable and beautiful lyrics, the lovely synths and graceful violin track from Lindsey Sterling is what made this song stand out. You can almost imagine Lindsey dancing around Adam gracefully, playing her violin while Adam is playing his keyboard in the middle of a star-y night.

Up All Night is like an homage to his older works but with a much more upbeat sound to them. The rhythm is catchy and you can easily hum to this song even without knowing what the song is about. Lyrically, this might be the most straightforward song next to the consecutive track. 

This Isn't The End features a sort of storytelling that starts of really depressing and ends with a little bit hope for the listeners that was touched by the lyrics. The fluidity of this specific track is flawless. Compared to the other songs, this is the one that is more stripped-down from the synths and is very piano centered.

The closing track of this record, Wolf Bite, is easily the most upbeat song of the record. With imaginative lyrics and an electro-pop beat, making this song the most dance-y out of the bunch. This song is the best way to end this record, on a high and happy note. 

Ultraviolet is no doubt an homage of Owl City's previous records. Imagine, it's like all of his previous records mashed into four songs. The fun part is that it feels like there aren't any filler songs, just four greatly composed and produced songs. This is like the essential Owl City for the new listeners, and a must-have for the fans. 

Track-by-track  thoughts:
  1. Beautiful Times (ft. Lindsey Stirling) - beautiful.
  2. Up All Night - dreamy.
  3. This Isn't The End - hopeful. 
  4. Wolf Bite - bubbly.

When you go to sleep, think of these songs.You will not regret it. 

Score: A

Owl City- Ultraviolet available now.

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