Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transformers: Age Of Extinction MOVIE REVIEW

Enough is enough!

The day comes when a nostalgic franchise is rebooted to the big screen with a specific film so promising, the studio just milks it out with disastrous and lackluster sequels. After Dark Of The Moon, I was pretty sure that we all deserve a break from Bay's Transformers franchise and we did, about 3 years. we were all convinced enough is enough. Their say? Screw everyone who thinks so! let's make another Transformers movie almost no one ever wanted and very little cared about. And who's dumb enough to see it after all the hate? ME and every other Crtic-wannabe like me out there who are curious about this film.

Going to this film, I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking by Transformers standards. I knew exactly what i was going to see; human characters that I'll never care about, a story so big and so dumb, robots fight to the death and explosions, explosions, Explosions, EXPLOSIONS, EXPLOSIONS. Oh, and unnecessary humor too. Well, this movie gave me all of them and TOO MUCH of them. 

The films has several different plot points:

Mark Whalberg's Cade Yeager, a single father and struggling inventor trying his best to give a better life for his daughter Tessa, played by Nicola Pelts, who is secretly having an affair with race car driver Shane Dyson, played by Jack reynor. Doing so, he accidentally discovers a wounded Optimus Prime and thus brings us to..

Optimus Prime reuniting the remaining Autobots; Bumblebee, Hound (John Goodman),
Crosshairs (John DiMaggio) and Drift (Ken Watanabe). Together with the humans they must stop a new villain arising in the form of..

Lockdown (Mark Ryan), a rouge Decepticon bounty hunter and the most promising villain of the franchise. Who has teamed-up with a paranoid government official Harold Attinger. Together, they hunt down the remainin Transformers in our planet and held them responsible for the events that occurred in Dark Of The Moon which basically destroyed Chicago. But they also got some big help from..

The business tycoon Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) and his technological firm Kinetic Sciences Institute (KSI). Who is working to revolutionize technology by making man-made Transformers. Which includes Galvatron (Frank Welker), which carries fragments of Megatron's mind, leader of the Decepticons. 

That's four different plot points and I'm not going to give out the fifth, yes there is a fifth sub plot. That sounds way too many for just one film to handle, and yes it is too many. The film had so many human characters that we all never cared about and yet we see most of the film's perspective through their eyes. Which is bummer 'cause WE JUST DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM. Marky Mark may have been the best actor of this movie, but even his performance can't cover up his co-stars flat acting abilities. 

But when the film delivers us the action, they GIVE us the action. BUT, there's just too many of them. Five Autobots and how many Transformers are with Lockdown and Galvatron? I can't even remember and i lost count, because there's just TOO MANY OF THEM. Might sound sweet, that means more robots fighting to the death, no it's not. It's exhausting and it's like the Energizer Bunny of summer action flicks, it doesn't want to stop when it needed to stop. You can simply watch the fight scenes cut into different parts when someone uploads it on YouTube and you wouldn't care what the story is about. Just don't watch them all at the same time, you might not believe all of them came from the same movie. 

Overall, the film just felt it dragged when it shouldn't be. It's really hard to be entertained with something that just goes way too fast and cram up everything to your face witha  movie that felt like it was more than two-hours long. Was it better than the first Transformer  movie? That depends, but maybe not for me. How about Revenge Of The Fallen? Yes it is better than that crap-fest. This film feels a lot like Dark Of The Moon, it's way too long with way too much things to tackle. It's either they didn't manage their time or they couldn't decide which plot point is a better story to tell.

This movie is completely unnecessary and I still stand by my statement about the film, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

Cool looking action
Lockdown's the most promising villain of this franchise

Way too long
Way too much
Just stop, please. 

Score: D

See Transformers: Age Of Extinction in theaters June 27.

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