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How NOT To Hate "Transformers: Age of Extinction"

Promise, you won't die trying. 

Not like Optimus here.

So the latest Transformers movie Age Of Extinction  is out for awhile now. Fans of the film franchise has at least found enjoyment from the flick, the others, not so much. And here you are, you haven't seen the movie, you don't know if you want to see the movie. But your friends is calling you on your phone right now, check it. What does it say? DUDE (or girl) let's see the new Transformers movie! Wow, someone who wants to see a movie with you, and for that, some who calls you. A family member, a friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your family, your kid(s) or even maybe your boss who has a weird taste of movies and wants to bang you wants to see Transformers: Age Of Extinction with you. You haven't seen the movie  by now, probably because..

  1. You don't like these Transformers movies
  2. All the negative reviews restrain you from seeing the movie
  3. You do want to see the movie, but you don't have time to do so. Or..
  4. You're too broke to see a movie. 
Which ever of those is your reason, you're here to see a movie to be entertained, but with seeing this movie that is uncertain. You're unsure whether you'll like this movie or not. But you don't want your partner to be disappointed and made them feel their efforts unappreciated because they brought you to see a bad movie. So you'll want to like this movie and fight the urge to hate it. I hated this movie, fans of the film hated me because I hated the movie. But let it be me, the amateur blogger that gave this movie a D score, help you like this movie. Together, we will explore the ways of..

How NOT To Hate "Transformers: Age Of Extinction"

Now you might think this is like a very comedic blog, like I'm to pull off an Honest Trailers  on you. No, I'm being serious, I am definitely trying to help you. So without further ado, here we go.. 

Erase all memories of the first three films!

Erase all of them! That means there should be a giant X here.

Many have complained that this movie is practically a carbon copy of the first three, and by many I mean many. It's true, I saw it myself. But you might feel lucky if you haven't seen the first three, or you have but you couldn't remember them. You'll actually find the unnecessary humor necessary, it's like hearing the joker for the first time. You wouldn't mind that the fight scenes are restless, because this is your first time seeing one. You wouldn't find Mark Wahlberg's character's daughter a clone of Sam Witwicky's blonde girlfriend from the third film. In fact, you might actually care about the new batch of Autobots.

Be Creative!

If you don't what this is, you're lucky.

So you might find the fight scenes exhausting, the dialogues so stupid, T.J. Miller looks so stupid. Simple, just be creative. You find Mark Wahlberg's voice funny? dub his dialogue with your's, come up with something more interesting than what they're saying. You see his character's daughter looking so typical-slutty-Bayfied-girl, actually take time to appreciate her.

Remember her?

This is her now.

Everyone hated her on The Last Airbender as Katara, maybe it's time to give her credit that she finally bloomed as person and as an actress. While her acting isn't so good in this film, it's not as bad from her film with M. Night Shawarma. 

The Crusade

Now this one isn't originally mine, but it came from YouTuber Jeremy Jahn's review of the film, which you can check out below. His wisdom of words are as follow.

"..this is Michael Bay's mission in life, just to show people that they can get bored watching things blow up. Maybe he's this crusader, he's like I wanna make be a good filmmaker but people really just run after BS just because of this visual effects. so i'm gonna make a visual effects orgy of garbage so people can be like, Hey! maybe I don't like that. Michael bay's a crusader, he's doing it for better films.."

At the end of the day, it will always be your choice. If you've seen the movie and you hate it, it's okay. Be honest with your partner, but don't be so rude to him/her. After all, they made this effort to hangout with you. Maybe write a bad review about it one the net, and leave it as it is. Don't let it get to your head, don't let it ruin your day. If you however, did like this movie even without hesitating to hate it, then it's good for as well. Don't mind what other people think, if you feel that reading other people's critique of the film will unleash your inner fanboy/girl and put yourself on the rage cage. If you think you can, handle it with class. You can comment you disagree with a review, but don't be an ass. don;t let your emotions get the best of you, be reasonable to yourself and to others. Make this decision if you'll want to see the movie, if you don't want to see the movie, if you'll want to see it again or not and stand by that decision. If you see someone being a dick because of his/her hatred to the film, show him what's class and be the better person. at the end of the day.. 

it's just a movie and it will not hurt you. 

If you have any other ideas to how to hate this movvie less, let me know at the comment section below.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction now in theaters. 

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