Monday, October 27, 2014

Chef (2014) MOVIE REVIEW

I made a terrible mistake watching this movie with an empty stomach, true story. 

After directing big-budget movies for the past couple or so years, Directr Jon Favreau decided it's time to go back-to-basics and hence the idea of making a movie about cooking, titled "Chef". The movie follows professional chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau), who after an altercation that went public, decided to quit his job in Los Angeles and go back to his hometown in Miami to fix up a food truck. Thus embarks a journey of celebration of food that you could have easily seen in TLC, but the movie isn't really just about that.

As a kid who likes food, I've spent my sembreak watching TLC almost every chance I can get. Until my parent, my siblings and some of my friends started to tag along, we ended up being a bunch of people with an absurd interest with cooking and food. I remember watching this movie weeks ago and I was definitely blown by the experience, but the succeeding weeks was so hectic and heartbreaking I forgot to talk about this film . One night I was so burnout and hungry I wanted to eat and watch a movie, until I remember this particular film. The first time I saw this, I was devastatingly hungry, so what I did is I made a myself a bunch of sandwiches and watched this movie for the full experience. It was still as lovely as I remember it, a food porn movie.

The movie, to begin with, was well acted. The character Carl might seem like a Mary-Sue to director/actor Jon Favreau, as the character struggles on being connected to his broken family under a busy schedule, which is probably why we feel every aspect of Carl. He's also under illusion of freedom to do his thing, but realizes that as long as he's working for someone he's never going to get that freedom that he wants. So when he basically burst throughout his own barriers and have that freedom that he's so craving for, all you want to do is to cheer for him and buy food from his food truck. 

The movie is also a part-family road trip film, since he has his son Percy (Emjay Anthony) with him in his journey in the food truck. With the two, trying to strengthen their bond under the circumstances of being in a broken family, along with his ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara). Martin (John Leguizamo) was a surprisingly likable character, not gonna lie. 

The movie is simply a feel-good experience, when it starts to go down that path. There's so much stuff in this movie that just hits all the right moves, all the right ingedients and all the right flavors, I don't wanna talk about all of them. You'll have to see this film whenever you get the chance. 

I guess my only gripe would be the profanity. I know they were going on a realistic approach with this film, but the profanity was unnecessary for me.

If you want a real food adventure, go out there and find the best food that best suits your cravings, or you can watch this film before you go out or you can do both. Chef definitely tells you to do both. 


Simple, but dynamic story/script
Great cast


Score: A

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