Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Finally, he got tired of saying "get to the choppa!"

Sabotage is one of the most recent post-governor film of Arnold Schwarzenegger which also stars a ridiculous amount of star powered actors. Directed by David Ayer, the film centers around Arnold's character Breacher dealing with some sort of depression after facing some disadvantages of being an old DEA agent and other shenanigans as well.  

On the plus side, I can say that this is Arnold's best performance as of late. He really did justice to his rather dark character. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, most of his roles as of late had been kind of a joke aimed at himself, to the point where he felt like he had to make fun of himself while portraying those characters. At least here, he was given a more serious character and he did a good job portraying Breacher. 

But that isn't enough to cover up the 5#!+ that this movie is.

At least the story was thought through. Those two pages that tells the entire story with brief descriptions and only minimal dialogues, that's where they got it right. 

But there's this script with crappy, disgusting, unlikable characters. Some of them are even inconsistent and does things out of character. Granted a few of them were given each time to shine, but even the actors found it hard to shine through.

The movie also had this weird potential to be a good mystery thriller. There's this charade that's going on that even a summa cum laude would die to know the truth. Yet, all of this was mashed up with nonsense over nonsense. The movie terribly slowed down somewhere in the middle and when you get to the big revelation, you have already forgotten that there's this big mystery that you have to solve because your mind is crowded with other unrelated stuff from the movie.  

And what's up with the gore? I mean I can see they're going for realism. I have nothing against violence in films, you've seen me go fanboy on The Raid. As long as they are justified and makes a lot of sense. The violence in this movie is just simply unjustified, senseless and everything was only to throw it to your face. Are you still realistic even with a toned-down violence? Yes! This movie doesn't understand that. 

But overall, in spite of the negatives this movie had, I didn't hate it as much I should. It's just that I don't want to see it again.

With very few things to like about this film, Sabotage lingers on mindless story telling, unlikable characters and ludicrous violence way more than it should. 

Best Arnold lead since post-governor
"Okay" action set pieces

Terrible (looking) characters
Senseless violence
Too much junk covering the good stuff

Score: C-

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