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BATFLECK BEGINS - How He Started and His whereabouts in Man of Steel

Na na na na na na, Batfleck!

At this point everyone is just flippin' over this image because most of us on the internet are not sure how to take it. Loyal believers thinks Batfleck will be the best thing ever, some are skeptical and others are just praying to the demon for this to fail. I'm more on the side of the skeptical ones. Don't get me wrong, I want Batfleck to succeed on this, but I don't want to be disappointed so bad. But this is not why we're here.

Today is Batman Day (July 23) and this is just one of the many ways how I'm celebrating it. As of right now, we know almost nothing about Zack Snyder's much anticipated DC flick Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and his version of Batman, other than the fact he is played by Ben Affleck and that official pic above. 

As a Bat-fan, I'm about to give you a plausible explanation of his origin story and his whereabouts during the events of the film Man Of Steel. 

Now it's easy to point out that since Batfleck resembles Frank Miller's Batman, it's easy to conclude that his origin story might mirror to Miller's epic origin story Batman: Year One, and it's possible since Zack Snyder once consulted Miller for the film project. Easy choice, I call it lazy. If Zack really has the creative chops, he should follow a different path.

As of right now, I really have no idea why DC should still continue their Earth One series. Clearly, it is a universe that is rarely visited for a purpose of telling only epic good stories, and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One is a case in point. Earth One takes down Bruce Wayne a couple of pegs, putting him in a position where he is still trying to find his place in the world even he is already Batman.

The reason I'd pick this book because this simply diverse and fearless. Making the Bruce Wayne/Batman character more human and a lot easier to kill, considering how this story centers around on his first days as Batman. Without giving away too much, this book plays on the themes of the fault and limitations of a human being, despite his strong dedication to the craft. Read this book as Bruce Wayne does his best to break those boundaries as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. 

But enough of the origin story, we've seen enough of those. Let's answer THE golden question..

Where was Batman during Man Of Steel?

Chances are, Director Zack Snyder and co. already has an answer for that. But I had a specific Batman story in mind that I think would help us answer that.

Batman has failed this city.

Pretty cool cover, eh. That is fantastic artwork made by artist Greg Capullo for writer Scott Snyder's Batman run Zero Year. Funny enough, Zero Year also centers on Bruce Wayne's first adventures as Batman. Starting with his errands with the Red Hood Gang which lead to his transformation as Batman, his first supervillain and climatic event that will define Batman's place in Gotham City. I specifically want to talk about that climatic event.

Without giving away too much, Zero Year Chapter 3: Savage City focuses on Batman's efforts to save Gotham City from a mass flood that desolated Gotham City. Now The Riddler has control of the entire city at has Gotham cut off from the outside world and Batman has to stop The Riddler and bring peace and order back to Gotham. 

That's a really cool premise and believe me it's a really good story, go check it out it's still ongoing. You can probably tell by now where I'm going with this. Batman is occupied in his city, Gotham is cut off from the rest of the world so that basically means no incoming rescue and support operation from the military outside. But what if the US military themselves are occupied? You might ask, with what? Well..

While the US Military is too busy to deal with Kal-El and his unwanted visitors from Krypton, they completely missed out the fact that Gotham City has been erased from the map. But that's not all. What if The Riddler uses General Zod's message to cause more mass paranoia to the citizens of Gotham?

With free rein to everything the comes in and out of the city, The Riddler can simply delay the broadcast of this message and use it as an instrument of chaos. He could simply fabricate the story behind this message, like saying that this was a message that was sent a while back during the flooding and now that Zod has waged war against humanity. Imagine all the stuff Batman has to deal with. This will put him in a position of curiosity and even as far as obsession towards Superman. This will also put him in a unique position as he himself has a past experience of encountering mass destruction that is totally out of hand, but he could reason Superman was to blame for the destruction of Metropolis. This will also give Superman an advantage towards Batman once he finds out the evens of The Riddler's Zero Year. That would be pretty interesting. 

So that's for today, I hope you guys enjoy my review for the Batman Film Anthology (1989-1997) Review & my take on Batfleck's Origins And His Whereabouts During Man Of Steel. Today has been a fun Batman Day for me and I hope it is for you guys as well. Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you guys next time. 

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