Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jupiter Ascending MOVIE REVIEW

Destiny, The Wachowski edition.

Jupiter Ascending is the 2015 space opera film directed by The Wachowskis siblings. It stars Mila Kunis as housekeeper/caretaker/scrubber-of-toilets Jupiter Jones and Channing Tatum as genetically-engineered ex-military Caine Wise. Here Caine informs Jupiter of her destiny that embarks them on an intergalactic journey. 

It's a good thing I came into this film knowing nothing about it. Isaw no trailer or TV spots, I just stared at the poster for like 30 seconds and try to assets what this movie is about. Turns out that plan was a good idea, because there some cool stuff that's best experienced at first sight. 

We can all agree that the siblings do know how to make a visually appealing movie. Everything looks gorgeous. It's given that the some of the CG stuff looked pretty obvious. But think of it like this, you are watching someone play a video game with a tremendous amount of frame rates at their expense, that's so high it almost looked very real. And the action scenes, definitely worth watching on IMAX. 

I remember watching a YouTube video about different YouTubers discussing the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One of the commentator said that today's film industry were lacking of filmmakers who dares to go bold and original towards ideas, where fresh new concepts where big-budget material like Star Wars itself at its time. The Wachowskis did exactly that with Jupiter's Ascending and I'm really happy about that. 

Now you must be wondering, what's with the Destiny reference? Well like the game, it's fun play or watch someone else play it. Overall it's visually appealing and a really fun experience. But when the game tries to sell you some story, you just don't really care.

The script is where this movie goes way down to the stink hole. The film is filled of layers and layers and layers of backstory and on top of that the main story that at some point we are required to understand and care about, it's just that we can't. I can't point out the reason why, is it because the dialogues are cringe-worthy? Some of the actors looked like they're doing a chore rather than feeling the role? And the others just go way over the top?

All-in-all, Jupiter Ascending is a masterpiece in the visual department. Don't expect more outside that department and the film will become less and less enjoyable the more you think about it. 


Stunning visuals
Insane action set-pieces
Pretty hardcore film score

Dreadful dialogue
Uninteresting story

Score: C

Jupiter Ascending now in theaters

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