Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 20 Movies of 2014

Welcome to the second and last of my most biased list of 2014. Here I'll be sharing my TOP 20 MOVIES OF 2014. They don't have to be the best nor the worst, but if I liked them, loved them or just enjoyed the hell out of them, they'll be on this list. 

If some of your favorite movie(s) are not on this list, it's probably because I've never seen them or I never really liked them.

So without further ado, here's my list..

20) Interstellar

This film could have been easily placed at the top 10, if it weren't for the less-polished story. Nevertheless, the movie had the most spectacular visuals of space in cinema this year. Director Christopher Nolan did his best to bring us to the deepest reaches of space and he didn't disappoint 

19) Big Hero 6

2014 is definitely the year Marvel ruled the cinema world. Here they've handed Disney some of their most obscure properties and together (but mostly Disney) they've have made one of the most action-packed and entertaining animated film in a long time. Marvel -1, Disney Animation - 1, it's a win-win. 

18) Guardians Of The Galaxy

Speaking of Marvel, here's a game changer to the superhero movies. Taking some old school comic book that only hardcore Marvel fans have read (plus its modern incarnation) and adapt it to the big screen. What could go wrong? Everything, it could have been a disaster, thankfully it didn't. 

17) John Wick

It's nice to see an action-packed film that's not dumb. This film defys every single action movie who gives away good story for good action. It's just nice to see Keanu Reeves back at a good entertaining action film.

16) Chef

Chef was pretty straightforward. Once the film starts it's journey into the highroad of feel-good, it never stops going upwards. Watch this with an entire buffet right in front of you and you are in heaven. 

 15) The Babadook 

To be honest, I didn't see a lot of horror movies because of it's very low standards. Thank goodness, Director Jennifer Kent decided to spit on them and show them how it's done. This is real horror, and it's not even based on a true story. 

14) The Wind Rises

Director Hayao Miyazaki never loses grace and touch, and for his last entry he decides to go out with a bang. It's everything you'd love and expect from him, simply beautiful, elegant and really REALLY moving. Plus, knowing the fact that this is his swan song makes you wanna stand up and cheer for him as soon as the credits roll. 

13) The Fault In Our Stars 

You gotta give YouTuber John Green for writing a spectacular teen novel without breaking the teen novel-cookie cutter, well maybe just a bit. What's even more spectacular is that the film perfectly captures the essence of the book. The film definitely deserved the praises it gets, unlike the other teen novel-movies out there, yuck. 

12) Edge Of Tomorrow

So it's a movie based from a manga that is based from a book, but compared every other sci-fi/action movies out there this felt more original and miles ahead more entertaining. Somewhere, Tom Cruise is doing his Risky Business stint with his fellow Scientologist, probably on top of Oprah's sofa.  

11) Under The Skin

Oh my, this film got my heart beating real fast and that is very unusual for an art house film. And yes, EVERYTHING about Scar Jo is art

10) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In terms of Marvel movies, the ones that are the REAL game changers are the ones that had a rough start. Before this it's popular statement that Captain America films are mediocre, until brothers Director Anthony and Joe Russo came up with the best way to end the trend. Make Captain America: The Winter Soldier the best action-packed, political thriller, spy, superhero film ever made. Funny enough, this used to be my number 1 movie of 2014, until I saw better films mention above.   

9) How To Train Your Dragon 2

I had little kids asking if there are animated films better than Frozen, then I brought them to see this movie, they were educated. This is how you make an epic and meaningful animated movie, better than Frozen, better than the first How To Train Your Dragon movie and the best animated film of 2014. 

8) The Raid 2

True that movie didn't had the suspense of the first film, but it still got the grit and speed of it's predecessor, if not, better. Everything is in a larger scale and you feel the jeopardy every character is in. People say "why call the movie The Raid 2 if they weren't even raiding anything crucial like the first film?" Well it's simply because the entire city is an oversize version of the same apartment and in both places, all hell breaks loose. 

7) Nightcrawler

Wanna be educated how to be the best of what you do? Let a creepy guy that looks like Jake Gylenhall enlighten you. Every sleekness of the scenes and every suspense just felt so real. Lesson learned, never underestimate a skinny white guy. 

6) Gone Girl

A very unhealthy movie to see with your significant other, the film is thought-provoking, spine-chilling and very eerie from every shot, every performance and even the music. What a film to make you feel like you know nothing about what's going on. 

5) X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Time-travel is very difficult plot point to tackle, even so these film managed to handle it very well and remain consistent throughout the entire film. It never loses it cool and class. The franchise had some tough times and this film was the savior. The more I watch it, the more I appreciate it. Thus, making it the best superhero movie of 2014. 

4) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Just when you thought you're done with movies about monkeys, wait 'till you see this (and Rise, seriously watch that first before watching this. You'd never expect that a movie like this will have you emotionally attached to it in a great extent and will make your visuals entertained from point A to point B. The movie could have been simply Call Of Duty: Monkey Warfare, but it's way more than that. 

3) Frank 

Michael Fassbender is on a roll this year. From mass murdering mutant to deranged talented musician. Frank and his friends will bring you on an strange journey of finding your identity and your groove. Perhaps the film's greatest asset is its weirdness and makes you wonder, maybe being weird will indeed set you free.

2) Whiplash

Just when Peter Parker thought he had the worst version of J.K. Simmons, wait till Reed Richard comes and smack him in his face, or throw a chair at him like what J.K. Simmons' character did at him. If the movie taught me one thing, is that the journey to out performing yourself is pure "nightmare". What this film is a nightmare, a brilliant, inspiring and well-acted one. 

Before I reveal my number 1 pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

1) The Theory Of Everything

Never in my mind and in my heart I would ever realize that I would be so attached, so moved and so mesmerize to the beauty and tragedy of Stephen Hawking's life. The movie could have been easily a semi-boring biopic, but no the film played with our heartstrings by making our hearts overjoyed with the happy and lovely scenes and break it whenever it wants to. Despite all the tragedy, the film made us want to focus on the beauty of life throughout the darkness. If Stephen and Jane can do it, so can you. It's moving, touching and inspirational and thus my Top 1 movie of 2014. 

There you have it, my top 20 movies of 2014. I hope you guys have a great 2014 and i'll see you guys next year with more reviews and shenanigans. See you all in 2015!

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