Friday, November 7, 2014

Interstellar MOVIE REVIEW

Oh.. Nolan... 

Interstellar is a modern day Space Odyssey film starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Cain, Jessica Chastain and a lot of actors you probably didn;t see their names at the movie posters. This film is also the latest addition of director Christopher Nolan to his impressive resume. 

In terms of scale, this is most definitely Nolan's most ambitious and humongous visual journey, it has Nolan's signature of grand, extravagant and BEAUTIFUL visuals using practical effects for the most part. Seriously, the movie looks so BEAUTIFUL, typing the word beautiful in caps lock isn't just enough. If you guys have the extra bucks, go watch this on IMAX 3D, it's so worth the money. 

Another great aspect of Nolan's talent is his story telling. The best bits of the story and scriptwriting are human elements of the film. Almost every essential characters of this film is layered at best and the awesome performances of their respective actors gives us the best flavors of the film. The film is also a family drama and is surprisingly the best element of the story. This film packs with a lot of emotions and you'll definitely want our heroes to succeed on what they do. 

Unfortunately, the film's weakest point us the plot that surrounds the space odyssey itself. With the focus of it bounces from the film's own interpretation of relativity, black holes to its connection tot he power of love, somehow you'll find yourself wanting to pull out a remote control, put the film on pause and call Christopher Nolan to just help ease the intake and process of this knowledge.  

Interstellar is definitely a film that must be first experienced in the theaters, especially on IMAX. Even if you'll find a hard time taking in some of the crazy absurd ideas and explanations, you'll still have plenty of time to awe at the visuals.  

Despite being too convoluted, Interstellar is Christopher Nolan's most ambitious, most beautiful, most stunning and most emotional project ever. Plus, he definitely brought the right cast and crew to make this project a masterpiece. 

Stunning visuals
Great performances
Nolan's most human project

Broken logic and ideas
3 Hours, seriously!?

Score: A-

Interstellar now in theaters. 

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