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TOP 5 BEST Linkin Park Music Videos

Considered as one of the finest Nu Metal band of its time? Check. Is the one and only band (so far) to reach ONE BILLION plus views on YouTube? Check. Has (so far) sold over 60 million records all over the world? Check. Internationally acclaimed? Is the top rock band on facebook with over 61+ million fans? Grammy award winning? One of, if not, the best and biggest rock band of our time? Yes, yes, yes, yes. 

Ahh... Linkin Park. With more than a decade of existence, this group never seizes to amaze their fans with their aggressive and chaotic music, that is also very easy to connect with, even if you're not an avid fan. And, with that long of time, Linkin Park has released more than 30 music videos. Today we pick the 5 of their best music videos and I yours truly, will give you the reasons why they deserve to be on the list. With that said, let's get started. 

5. Points Of Authority (Hybrid Theory, 2001) / Pts.Of.Athrty (Reanimation, 2002)

Two different interpretations, but it's still the same monster just with two different faces. Whether you prefer it to be in its classic Nu metal or it's 90s EDM remix or both (because why not choose both?), Points Of Authority will always be that one Linkin Park song you'd want to blast into your car and go drive to punch someone. 

One's live/studio footage and the other's a CGI-fest, but both videos are really good and awesome and I can't really pick one above the other. Plus we can't really have this list without a live/footage video and a CGI-fest one. So, I put them both together on the same spot, besides, they're just the same song. I'll have to let you guys decide on this one of which video is better, but for me they're both equally awesome. 

The live/footage version that came from their DVD Frat Party At The Pankake Festival.

The one made for the Reanimation version, was the only one of the two that was commercially released.

4. Lost In The Echo (Living Things, 2012)

This list won't be complete without Linkin Park's first interactive video. The video was co-directed by Jason Zada (Take This Lollipop) and Jason Nickel. Shinoda has stated that the video was made to "draw you into the world of the song".

For you to participate, you must go the official website of the music video, Lost In The Echo. You will then log into the website with your Facebook account, yes you will need one to participate. The site will then have access to your photos on your profile and use them in narrative that will concord to the storytelling of the video.  

The only real reason this never got higher on the list was because of its obvious errors and the lack of the band's appearance. 

 This is the non-interactive version of the video. So you can still watch it, even if you don't have Facebook (hooray!). 

3. Leave Out All The Rest (Minutes To Midnight, 2008)

Probably the cheesiest video of the list. Why? 'cause who would have imagined Mike Shinoda in an astronaut suit? On top of that, who would have thought that the band would make a video of them embarking on a Space Odyssey? But what really made this video so interesting was the narrative story behind it, and how it reflected so much to the song.

We see in the video that the band are doing their regular protocols on running their space ship. Chester, however, is the one who is being dramatic in his duties. of course, he's the one singing, but the question is why? We see him do his work with holograms like he's Tony Stark in space, goes with some argument with his crew/band mates, hangs out alone in dark places and he sits behind a giant window so he could see the stars and their destination. In all of those situations, you can tell what Chester's feeling through his actions and his facial expressions, guilt. At the end of the video, the band reaches their destination, which would also serve as their impending doom. So what does this tell us?

"When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done..."

Don't you see it?

Highlight the text below
Chester killed himself and his crew/band mates by directing their spaceship towards the sun. He sits behind the giant window so he could see the sun, the yellow star, that will eventually kill them. 

It's just my theory behind the whole thing, but trust me, go see it for yourself. 

2. Numb (Meteora, 2003)

There are several reasons why this is considered one of, if not, Linkin Park's most powerful songs ever made. It has very catchy alternative tune to it. Lyrically, it is one of the most compelling lyrics you'll ever hear throughout the band's entire discography. Chester's power vocals also adds up to the experience. 

This video, was just spot on to message of the song. At one point, we were all teenagers trying to find their place in the world and in doing so, we disappoint a lot of our loved ones. Families, friends, you name it. We'e just kids who's trying to create the best image we can possibly make out of ourselves, to be the person we always wanted to be. But peer pressure and expectations prevent you from becoming that person. People will always see you as the kid who have shoes to fill in, even if you don't want those shoes, they will still try to make you.  

I am maybe getting a little personal here, but it's true. This is Linkin Park's most personal video ever and it definitely earned this spot. 

If watching this doesn't hit you hard, I don't know what will. 

1. What I've Done (Minutes To Midnight, 2007)

THIS SONG/VIDEO IS BUSINESS. At the height of their career where Nu metal seems to be dying, if not, dead. Linkin Park faces the greatest question of their career that every other band of the same genre had come to face, where to go next? Korn, Slipknot and Deftones went alternative metal. Limp Bizkit was still rap metal, but their sound leaned more towards the rock side. So, what's Linkin Park going to do?

Get a new producer, change their image, change their logo, change their sound completely. Thus, Minutes To Midnight was born. Of course they still have aggressive tracks like No More Sorrow and Given Up, of course they still rap rock with Bleed It Out, but the album in its entire just sound different from their previous releases. It's almost like it's not the same band anymore, even if it is still the same band with the same band members.

But thankfully, they manage to introduce their new image with the masterpiece that is known as the first single off the album, What I've Done. Even if you don't like the album, you can't deny that this is a great song.

The song and it's video became the best way to re-introduce themselves to the world of music. With its apocalyptic themes, melodic lyrics and classic alternative structure that connects perfectly to the video that is the very meaning of the word doomsday. It showcases a really cool performance of the band, but the highlight is really the footages of the most daunting and scary real life events of mass destruction, corruption and world domination. If you could sum up the world at its darkest hour with a footage of a rock band's performance, this is that video. 

No words. Just, no words... 

So there you have it, I hope you guys enjoy this list. Be sure to stay tune for Linkin Park's TOP 5 Worst Music Videos. 

Honorable Mentions:
Breaking The Habit
Waiting For The End
Castle Of Glass

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